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Our EcoPlan® Products

A Greener World for Tomorrow

The environment is a hot topic, everyone is talking about carbon credits, greenhouse gas, climate change and what we can do to help. From certifications such as FSC, CARB Phase 2 and TSCA Title VI to green building requirements such as LEEDs, and NaHB, there are plenty of options available that get everyone thinking green.

At Alexandria Moulding, we're completely in support of these initiatives. After all, we've been green for a long time. With our roots in our community, we know it's the right thing to do!

Taking Action

Alexandria Moulding has always been committed to sourcing, designing, and manufacturing our products in an environmentally responsible way.

Our production and manufacturing procedures ensure the best yield to reduce waste. We recycle wood chips and sawdust into animal bedding and fireplace pellets, and we use water-based primers and paints.

Providing sustainable products at affordable prices is our way of taking action for the environment.

Alexandria's Commitment

Through our new Alexandria EcoPlan initiative, Alexandria Moulding is taking even greater steps toward helping the environment. We are committed:

  • To provide sustainable and ecologically responsible options to our customers and clients at competitive prices. Our EcoPlan line will allow customers to choose in confidence, knowing that the products they pick are better for the environment.
  • To strive for continuous improvement in our operations and processes through education and corporate initiatives.
  • To remain committed to responsible social practices and continue to promote and support our communities.
  • To support eco-initiatives, and to commit to the development of innovative new products that are better for the environment and that maintain or exceed the quality our customers expect.

Next Time You Buy Green, Look For These Important Certifications:

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
This certification indicates a company's ability to produce its product in an environmentally friendly manner. Our FSC certified products are a select line for which we are accountable from the purchase of FSC certified raw materials to the manufacturing process, storage and proper product labelling.
Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)
Our MDF product line is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) for recycled content.
California Air Resources Board Phase 2 (CARB II), TSCA Title VI and E1 Air Quality (Europe)
These certifications indicate adherence to the North American and even stricter European standards for formaldehyde emissions.
Green Building Certifications
Many of our products may help contribute to green building certifications such as LEEDs. NaHB, or Green Build Canada.

See your Sales Representative for more information on EcoPlan products.

Alexandria Moulding Ecoplan showing the compliance in LEED, Built Green and NaHB.
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