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Mission and Values

Commitment to excellence

A commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement has been infused into our 800 plus dedicated, service oriented, quality conscious employees working to provide our customers with not only mouldings as a product, but interior design solutions as well. Alexandria Moulding ships an average of 85-90 truck loads of finished mouldings throughout North America each week and strives for a 100% fill rate. As an experienced importer and exporter, Alexandria Moulding also exports container loads to Europe, Asia, and South America.

The environment is a constant concern of Alexandria Moulding. We have instituted initiatives to purchase products from sustainable, managed forests and have always endeavored to maximize the use of wood fibers in our production processes and by recycling manufacturing by-products.

Reliability, versatility, and flexibility allow Alexandria Moulding to seize new opportunities and weather all economic cycles. By utilizing the most effective, highest caliber equipment and by refining our processes, Alexandria Moulding is able to quickly respond to market changes. Alexandria Moulding is the industry leader for quality and service; our award-winning products and marketing can be custom manufactured to fit your specifications. Regardless of the manufacturing pressures or market conditions, Alexandria Moulding pledges to offer the highest quality products and to constantly attempt to exceed expectations.


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